Honeymoon in Italy

If you are looking for the ideal romantic getaway, there is no better place than Italy. Begin a new life together in style. IWP Collection does more than just plan your dream Italian wedding, we also arrange spectacular honeymoon for our clients and make sure that they have days filled with love, laughter, the stress-free vacation you deserve. If you want to relax on the beach and spend your days bathing under the sun, Italy has some amazing beach resorts, with gorgeous hotels and breathtaking views. Maybe you want to learn more about Italian culture, art and history. In that case, a honeymoon in one of the many history-rich Italian cities will be just what you need. Want to sample delicious dishes, taste amazing wines and take long walks through the countryside? Then, a Tuscan honeymoon is just what you need. With our vast experience in organizing honeymoons and the professional connections we have developed with many welcoming local businesses, you can rest assured that you will benefit from an unforgettable and authentic Italian experience. Just contact us and let us do the work for you. You and your significant other will have a magical time and begin your life as a married couple in style.

Unique Wedding Music

No marriage ceremony or wedding reception is complete without the right music. The general atmosphere will have a lot to do with the type of music you choose. For example, people will be dancing all around if you pick a cover band or a DJ. If you want an elegant atmosphere, a timeless wedding that will always be remembered as a classic, a quartet would be more appropriate. Whatever you decide, let us know. Italy has a plethora of great artists and entertainers that would love to perform at your wedding. You and your guests will definitely have a blast, no matter what you choose. Italian Wedding Planner Collection can help you find just the right music to set the tone for the entire reception. Like no good movie is perfect without the right soundtrack, no wedding should be without music. We will even let you choose the playlist or, if you don’t have the time, tell us what you like and we will organize everything for you. Our personal favorites are the local bands and they know how to mix classics with modern hits in order to create the best atmosphere and make everyone dance and have a good time. Remember, music counts for one of the most important moments as well: the first dance.

Wedding & Event Catering Services

As a future bride and as a guest of many previous weddings, you probably know how important the food is. And if you have already started planning your own wedding, deciding on the menu can become a stressful affair. By getting married in Italy, that stress will become a thing of the past. Italy is known for its many delicious traditional dishes, for the quality of the Tuscan wines, the sweetness of the people and the freshness of the local ingredients. Moreover, Italian catering companies are among the best in Europe, true professionals that know how to bring the best out of any dish. At IWP Collection, we work with the best of the best. Your wedding will have delicious meals and your guests will be delighted by every bite they take. Regardless of what type of food you want and how many courses you want to serve at the reception, everything will be perfect. In fact, if you are spending your honeymoon in Italy as well, you will definitely want to take a cooking class or visit the idyllic vineyards of this beautiful country. As always, we will take care of all the details, for a perfectly customized experience.

Transportation For Weddings & Events

Getting married in Italy? Then you simply have to travel in style! We have spectacular vehicles waiting for you and your guests. Now you can arrive in style at the ceremony and go to your honeymoon location in a car that will be a pleasure to drive. IWP Collection will listen to you and will arrange the transportation for the entire wedding party. However, the car for the bride and groom is special and is going to probably be star of many photos and videos, which is why we have to make sure that the car fits the general theme of the wedding. Don’t worry, we have everything you dream about: from modern luxury cars to Italian classics, from limousines and vintage cars to cute little scooters. Your guests will also be taken care of. They will have no problem moving from the hotel to the church and then to the reception location, as our cars will be standing by for them for the entire day. You will be deciding on the details, of course, and we will make it happen in no time at all. Nothing says elegance quite like the right pair of wheels for your dream Italian wedding.

Legal Paperwork For Your Wedding In Italy page

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get from couples is if they get married abroad, will their marriage be legal and recognized back home? The answer to that is yes. If you are Catholic or Jewish, your religious ceremony will be recognized all over the world. If you belong to any other religion, you might need a civil ceremony beforehand, but civil ceremonies in Italy, apart from being wonderful events that you can customize, are also legally binding, no matter where you are from. Of course, travelling and getting married in a foreign country requires a fair amount of documents that need to be prepared. You are probably worried about getting everything right in time and don’t want anything getting in the way of your big day. With our vast experience in organizing dream Italian weddings, IWP will assist you with completing the legal paperwork for your ceremony. We will tell you everything you need to know and we will be with you on that day to make sure everything is perfect. We speak multiple languages and you wouldn’t encounter any problems. You are free to just focus on the love, emotions and joy of your wedding.

Wedding Photography & Video

Any dream Italian wedding must be remembered for years to come. Make sure that you capture the smiles, the love and the emotion of that special day in photographs and videos that you will re-watch with pleasure. For that, you need the perfect wedding photographers and luckily, IWP knows many talented artists that specialize in capturing candid moments and portraying them masterfully in a photo. Each of them have an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients and each has their own, unique style of wedding photography. You probably already have a few ideas of the general style of your wedding album and a few things that you absolutely want to include, but we guarantee that while browsing the work of our amazing team you will be inspired. You can personalize your wedding photos as much as you want, putting behind you all worries. We will help you find the perfect team and we are sure that what they will create will be magical. You and your significant other will look absolutely stunning and what better background to have than the landscapes and breathtaking architecture of beautiful Italy? In our experience, nothing beats the beauty of a destination wedding planned in style.

Wedding Hairdressing & Makeup

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day. If you want to look like you are glowing from the inside as well, then you know how important makeup and hairstyling are. From the moment you started planning your wedding, hair and make-up has probably been a priority. Do you want to look elegant and polished? Want a bohemian look? The good news is that, whatever you decide, IWP Collection has the best people to transform you into a vision on your wedding day. A team of professional hair stylists and make-up artists will be at your beck and call, eager to listen to your ideas and filled with creative solutions for every problem you may encounter. They know how to make sure that your final look will blend seamlessly with the rest of the decorum, it will fit the theme and, more importantly, it will suit you perfectly. The final look is extremely important, as it will have to last throughout the ceremony and reception and, because you will be taking a lot of pictures, it will have to come out beautifully in photos. By choosing our hairdressing and makeup services for your wedding you will have all that and more and you will be a splendid bride.

Wedding Cake

The cutting of the cake is one of the main attractions at the wedding reception. It is a tradition that has been present all over the world since ancient time and its meaning is complex and it has to do with the good fortune of the family you are starting. Cutting the cake with your beloved means commitment and continuity and the traditions say that the layers of cake have to do with fertility and the ability to provide for your significant other. By eating the cake, the guests are invited to share in your bliss. The color, ingredients and decoration are all about personal style, however. IWP Collection can boast about being able to provide you with delicious, spectacular cakes from the best Italian bakers and caterers. Italy is a country famous all over the world for the food and wedding cakes are no exception, so give us all the details about the cake you want and we will make sure that it exceeds even the highest expectations. Nowadays, more and more people are interested in wedding cakes with a twist such as ditching the traditional chocolate and cream and going for more unexpected but equally delicious ingredients. Either way, the cake is an important part of the reception and we have the most delicious picks.

Wedding & Event Entertainment

When you envision your perfect wedding reception in Italy, what kind of music does it have? What lovely surprises do you want to prepare for your guests? Do you want something spectacular, like doves and fireworks? At IWP Collection events, we would love to hear all about it! Over the years, many couples have come to us with their ideas about the perfect entertainment for their weddings and special events. We will listen closely and find the best solutions, so that your wedding is not only the celebration of two people in love uniting their destinies, but also a fun and entertaining event for the bride, the groom, the families and friends. If you want a wedding band, an orchestra, an opera singer or you are more of a modern couple that would love a DJ, we have got you covered. There is no detail too small for us to ensure that everything is just the way you have always dreamed about. The entertainment is more than just the music and we know that tell us what special surprises you have in store for your guests and we will help you transform them into reality. A romantic ceremony and a lovely party in one? We can do it!

Wedding Receptions & Events

The most beautiful weddings are about more than just the ceremony. The reception is just as important, if not more, as are the rehearsal dinner, the pre-wedding traditions and the morning of the wedding. All the events that bear the trademark of IWP Collection are sure to become beautiful memories that you and your guests will treasure forever. We offer complete services, with the most beautiful reception locations and perfect arrangements for every event you want to do before or after the wedding. Your dream Italian wedding will be complete with our help. For example, we will go over every detail of the reception, from the food and floral arrangements, to the entertainment and gifts. We also know that when the bride is getting ready, that is an event in itself. Not only we will help you by providing true professionals to make sure that you look your best on your big day, but we will document the entire experience, so you will be able to look back at these moments with a smile. Italian Wedding Planner Collection weddings and wedding events have a special touch you just have to relax and enjoy your day. We know how important all the events surrounding a wedding are and we are dedicated to bring you the best Italy has to offer.