Civil Wedding Ceremony in Italy

The Italian city halls rival European’s┬ámost beautiful palaces. If you want a simple, yet elegant ceremony with just your family and a few of your closest friends, we at Italian Wedding Planner suggest that you go for a civil ceremony that will turn into an unforgettable experience. The town halls in Florence or Chianti have amazing architecture and inside, beautiful art adorns their walls. As far as destination weddings go, Italy is the go-to place for the most romantic ceremonies. If you are worried about tiring paperwork and having to run lots of errands in a foreign country, you can now put those worries behind you. Italian Wedding Planner will assist you in putting together all the necessary documents and will be with you throughout the ceremony to see that everything runs smoothly and your day is perfect. Civil ceremonies are a trend right now, especially because you can customize them: you can have music, poetry and more. If you don’t speak Italian, we will provide a translator for you. Even though the ceremony is only twenty minutes, the Italian civil registrars are friendly, warm and know how to make each union count. If this is what you have always envisioned for your special day, it would be an honor for us to help you make your dreams come true.
Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Italy

Italy has always been the place to visit for Catholic believers all over the world. It is the official religion, with over ninety percent of the population claiming to be Christians. The Vatican, with the Church’s official leader, is an enclave state within the Italian borders. The beauty of its cathedrals, churches and cloisters will leave anyone stunned, making these locations ideal for a perfect wedding ceremony. Catholic wedding ceremonies are legally binding, so you don’t have to worry about any additional steps. Italian Wedding Planner has years of experience with planning beautiful Catholic wedding ceremonies and we can show you many beautiful churches for you and your significant other. The ceremony can be performed in Italian, English, or it can be translated in your native language by one of the brilliant interpreters we work with. If you want your ceremony to include mass or not, just tell your wedding planner and let us take care of all the details. The Catholic couples we have worked with said that taking communion at the end of their amazing Italian wedding in one of these beautiful churches is amongst the best experiences of their lives, a memory they will treasure forever.
Protestant Wedding Ceremony in Italy

Protestant ceremonies in Italy are a dream for lots of Protestant couples and now that dream can become a reality. Italian Wedding Planner will organize a Protestant wedding and assist you with all the details you need for making it legally binding. Some people wrongly think that there are not many Protestant churches and pastors in Italy, but big cities like Florence will definitely provide what you are looking for while still providing a gorgeous backdrop for your dream Italian wedding. It’s true that you will still have to arrange for a civil ceremonies beforehand, but that is really simple and romantic. The logistics is really easy to figure out, especially since Protestant ceremonies don’t imply holding them in a church. Even people belonging to the Church of England will find that Italy is a friendly and hospitable country, ready to accommodate every couple in love looking to tie the knot. Italian Wedding Planner will be by your side before and during your special day and will help you by taking the stress of errands and paperwork or finding a translator for your language off your back. You just have to invite your friends and family to share this special moment with you.
Jewish Wedding Ceremony in Italy

Italian Wedding Planner loves organizing Jewish weddings. The traditions are fun, they immerse you in a wonderful culture and what’s even better is that Jewish ceremonies are legally binding and recognized both in Italy and all over the world. The Jewish denominations allow you to choose the perfect location for you and your soulmate and the wedding symbolism makes the bride and groom feel like royalty. In this happy and holy day, the union between two souls is celebrated. Italy has some stunning synagogues in which you can get married, buildings with a rich history and impressive architecture that will provide a perfect decorum for your special day. Italy and Tuscany in particular, has many rabbis that will guide you, regardless of the denomination you belong to. We work with many rabbis that are wonderful, warm people and will help you make the wedding of your dreams become a reality. If you don’t want to get married in a synagogue or your denomination doesn’t require it, you can choose any spot you like, such as the beautiful Tuscan countryside or the breathtaking beaches on the coast. Whichever the case, we would be happy to meet you and plan the perfect Jewish wedding for you.
Orthodox Ceremony in Italy

Orthodox ceremonies are filled with tradition, spirituality and elegance. The music and overall ambiance of such a ceremony is majestic and it looks like you are in a fairytale, no matter where you hold the wedding. Well, Italy is no exception. All over the country, there are impressive Orthodox churches in which you and your loved ones can celebrate the most important day of your life. Italian Wedding Planner knows the most beautiful locations and will help you organize this special event to your liking. All that it is required of the couple is to be baptized and to get married in a church. Since we will provide the location for you, invite your friends and family to take part in this happy event. Don’t worry about the ceremony being held in another language. If the priest you have decided on doesn’t speak your language, we will provide you with a translator and make sure everything runs smoothly. You will first become betrothed in a short ceremony and after that, you will become husband and wife. Choosing an Orthodox ceremony in Italy means that you don’t have to recite vows, but that you will be welcomed into your new life in a way filled with spirituality and grace.
Hindu Wedding Ceremony in Italy

Hindu wedding ceremonies are amazing and here at Italian Wedding Planner, we work hard to see that every couple gets their dream Italian wedding. In the recent years, more and more Hindu couples come to Italy to get married in traditional ceremonies, but with the gorgeous backdrop of the Tuscan countryside or the great view of the Italian coast. We can arrange for the ceremony to be held in English or Sanskrit and the wedding officiantswe work with know how to make the most out of each love story, personalizing the ceremony according to each couples wishes, while still maintaining the traditional elements of a true Hindu wedding. We will arrange everything for you, just the way you want it, providing the locations and accommodations for the guests, organizing all the pre-wedding ceremonies and events, the catering and the henna artists. Hindu ceremonies are delightful and we love helping the couples get everything in order before the big day, with the utmost attention to detail and respect for each tradition. Whether you want an elegant and intimate ceremony or a big wedding, just give us a call and we will start working right away. Plan your dream Italian wedding today!