Italian Wedding Planner has the most romantic wedding venues in Italy for your marriage ceremony. From grand hotel ballrooms and traditional Italian restaurants to historic villas and more informal locations, all our recommended venues offer the best service and a very special ambience.

Wedding planning and arrangements involve a lot of things, so that you get a memorable day to cherish for your lifetime. Selecting the venue is one of the important aspects of wedding arrangements without which, you cannot get the wedding you have always desired for. At, IWP Collection, we can help you with a wide array of Puglia, Italy Wedding Venues that can help boost the beauty of your wedding day. We can provide you with the most beautiful and elite wedding destinations in Italy, and can create a wedding affair you have been dreaming of.

We can offer you a wedding site depending on the style of wedding you want and what your specific needs are. If you are thinking a private wedding party with your family and some of the closest friends, then you can discover our venues in majestic villas found across the Italy to get the perfect intimate feel. Whether it is about Luxury Italy Weddings in grand hotels, or traditional weddings in some ravishing historical places, we can help you with the right destination to suit your unique wedding style.

Our expert planners can create one-of-a-kind wedding events designed and styled to perfection. We are a renowned Luxury Wedding Planner in Italy, and can be your best partner in producing an elegant wedding event in an opulent setting. You do not need to think about the size of your pocket, as we can help you provide a perfect wedding venue that perfectly fits in your particular needs and budget.

Get married in the ballroom of a five-star Italian hotel and you will be the star of the show at your dazzling celebration, where glamour, luxury and first-class service collide.

For a more intimate feel, the majestic villas found across Italy are the ideal setting for a private wedding party. Our expert planners can ensure you have everything in place for a perfect wedding.

If you dream of an Italian beach wedding, Capri is the destination for you, with the waves rolling towards the shore and golden sand beneath your feet. If you are a real sea lover, you can even get married on a yacht by the Amalfi Coast.

Whatever your dream Italian wedding venue, get in touch for a free consultation to help you choose the right setting.

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