Wedding Cake


The cutting of the cake is one of the main attractions at the wedding reception. It is a tradition that has been present all over the world since ancient time and its meaning is complex and it has to do with the good fortune of the family you are starting. Cutting the cake with your beloved means commitment and continuity and the traditions say that the layers of cake have to do with fertility and the ability to provide for your significant other. By eating the cake, the guests are invited to share in your bliss. The color, ingredients and decoration are all about personal style, however. IWP Collection can boast about being able to provide you with delicious, spectacular cakes from the best Italian bakers and caterers. Italy is a country famous all over the world for the food and wedding cakes are no exception, so give us all the details about the cake you want and we will make sure that it exceeds even the highest expectations. Nowadays, more and more people are interested in wedding cakes with a twist such as ditching the traditional chocolate and cream and going for more unexpected but equally delicious ingredients. Either way, the cake is an important part of the reception and we have the most delicious picks.