Wedding & Event Catering Services


As a future bride and as a guest of many previous weddings, you probably know how important the food is. And if you have already started planning your own wedding, deciding on the menu can become a stressful affair. By getting married in Italy, that stress will become a thing of the past. Italy is known for its many delicious traditional dishes, for the quality of the Tuscan wines, the sweetness of the people and the freshness of the local ingredients. Moreover, Italian catering companies are among the best in Europe, true professionals that know how to bring the best out of any dish. At IWP Collection, we work with the best of the best. Your wedding will have delicious meals and your guests will be delighted by every bite they take. Regardless of what type of food you want and how many courses you want to serve at the reception, everything will be perfect. In fact, if you are spending your honeymoon in Italy as well, you will definitely want to take a cooking class or visit the idyllic vineyards of this beautiful country. As always, we will take care of all the details, for a perfectly customized experience.